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Monday, July 26, 2004

Wine in Golden BC

When you get to Golden, there will be decisions to be made. These links may help.
General Information
Jurgen Gothe tells all about Pinot wines
Peter May's Unusual Wines - Diversity in Wine. over 200 Unusual labels.
The Beauty of Wine Labels - Since 1995, Strat's Place has been a free, non-commercial site for people to enjoy the wonders of Wine, Gardening and the Arts.

The Wines of Chatter Creek
White Wines - past and present
Red Wines - past and rpesent

British Columbia Wines
An Introduction To B.C. Wines - the history, the regions, the grapes, grape acreage, the Wines and the Winemakers
The Big List Of B.C. Wineries - alphabetical list of most of the wineries in BC.
Heart of Wine Articles and Reviews on Wine, Top Ten Lists for BC Wines by year.
Okanagan Valley Wineries A to K, L to M, Southern OK Valley

Australian Wines
The Australian Wine Center - a small, totally independent retailer based in Adelaide South Australia
The Auswine Forum - a message board on the world of Australian wine.
australian wine online - information on the Australian wine industry. Everything you did not need to know.

International Selections
Wine Spectator - the most comprehensive wine Web site in the World?
Wines of New Zealand - regions, styles, wineries and everyting else about NZ wine.
A guide to French Wines - what goes with what, regions, varieties, and just about everything else.
A guide to German wines - all about the windes of Germany.
A guide to the wines of Hungary - the history, regions, varieties of hungarian wine.


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